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What Does Life and a Circus Parade Have in Common

Several years ago A very good friend and myself were discussing the phenomena of how we see and understand more as we grow older. His analogy was that life was like watching a large circus parade.

When we are young, we watch the parade of life from the bottom bleachers, and as the parade passes by we are limited to only seeing that part of the parade at any one time. We forget that which has passed, and only anticipate what is yet to come.

As the years pass, we move up the bleachers a tier at a time, and as we do we can observe larger and larger portions of the parade, seeing more of what has passed and that which is coming. The higher we move up the bleachers, the more of the passing circus we see at the same time.

Those that make it into the top tier of the bleachers can now see the entire circus parade from beginning to end. They can see what has passed by, and what is yet to pass by those sitting in the bottom bleachers.

The saddest part is that when those in the upper bleachers try to tell those sitting in the lower levels what is coming, they never believe it.

Thoughts On The Cycle of Life and Death

Perhaps we were created to be creatures who frolicked in a perfect garden that provided our every need, and would never have known the concept of death, except we had to screw it all up and disobey our creator. We tasted the fruit of knowledge, and sealed our destiny to the circle of birth and death.

The cycle continues. From birth to death, rebirth to death, it applies to everything in the universe; animals, plants, humans, worlds, universes', philosophies.....everything. It starts with the very substance of matter, with tiny particles that exists for only nanoseconds, to galaxy's where the cycle is imeasureable. If the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe is correct, then maybe sometime in the great cosmic future it will no longer expand and will start to collapse until over eons of time until it once again becomes one tiny particle that has almost infinite mass only to go, "bang", and the cycle begins again.

Of course what we think we know about it all could just be bull crap, an illusion we create so we think we can make sense of it all.