The Ebola Nightmare Continues

The Ebola virus continues to spread at a logarithmic pace, and Barack Hussein Obama and his political lackeys, aided by the MSM, continue to downplay the seriousness of what could become a world-wide pandemic resulting in the death of millions of people. The U.S. response so far reveals a health system that was totally unprepared for a threat of this magnitude. Not only unprepared, but with incompetent leaders in key positions. I will tell you I believe that given the facilities and existing medical expertise, the Doctors, Nurses, and Health Givers are doing their best to help and care for those that have the disease.

The primary problem is the government’s criminal and insane refusal to do anything to stop the spread of Ebola. With a virus that spreads as this one does all the medical care in the world will not keep it from continuing to spread. Containment, and quarantine must be implemented. If not, then the health systems will eventually become overwhelmed and unable to provide the necessary care for the infected populace, and it will become a World Wide Pandemic.

Obama had no trouble banning flights to Israel when Ben Gurion airport was threatened by missiles fired by Hamas, but still refuses to ban flights from West Africa, where each flight could contain at least on Ebola infected passenger. Why? Instead Obama is preparing orders to allow more possible infected individuals into our country. (read about it here)

Another Health Care Giver from the Dallas Lab, travelling on a Carnival Cruise Ship carrying 4,633 people, has displayed Ebola symptoms. The ship is currently under quarantine. (read here) How many of those people may have come in contact with the virus?

A passenger on a flight from Nigeria becomes sick, vomits, and dies. Officials boarded the plane when it landed at JFK and after a quick exam declared that the dead man didn’t have Ebola. How many could have been infected if he had been carrying the Ebola virus? (read article here)

Those are just a few examples of how the deadly virus can be rapidly spread. We are constantly bombarded with the mantra of how it is not an airborne disease and isn’t easily transferred. I find that to be disingenuous when you see all the protective gear that must be worn and all the decontamination protocols that must be followed by anyone near an infected person, and still there were some that were infected. Officials now admit that droplets or mists from coughing, and sneezing can carry the virus. The U.S. Army is warning about the potential of Ebola becoming airborne. (more info here)

What is chairman Obama’s answer(s) to the crises?

  • Authorizes the call up of National Guard and Army reserve forces if necessary to be used to assist in the fight against Ebola.
  • Fast tracks the issuing of visa’s to those individuals from West Africa to come to the United states.
  • Appoints Ron Klain as an “Ebola Czar”, an individual with no medical background or expertise. A man who has spent his entire life in Washington as a Democratic Political Hack.

Obama’s response to this impending disaster is almost the same as his response to the ISIS crises. DO NOTHING that will help to solve the problem. He refuses to allow the military to do what must be done to eliminate the threat of ISIS because ISIS is trying to establish an ISLAMIST State.  He refuses to ban flights from West Africa because the population is predominantly black. There are only a few rational explanations for his behavior.

  1.  He is a puppet of the World Controllers who want to implement the United Nation’s Agenda 21 which requires the United States to be  destroyed.
  2. He is deliberately trying to destroy the United States and reduce it to third world status because of his personal hatred of the US
  3. He has become a delusional psychotic psychopath narcissist that is completely out of touch with the real world.

I personally think it is a combination of all three. The Invisible Controllers found an ideal individual to further their agenda. Here was a half black man who was well spoken, relatively good looking, charismatic, a socialist, and maybe not as intelligent as he appears. Knowing his hatred of the US he was provided a phony college education, and completely indoctrinated to the Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven methods of destroying a society. A real Trojan Horse to hasten the destruction of the United States.

Hang on, we’re in for a rough ride.

By the way, Prayer is always good.


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