The Ebola Crises

In a previous post I wrote about three major fires the world was facing: 1) The Islam state (ISIS), 2) Putin’s attempt to occupy all of Ukraine, and 3) The war between Israel and Hamas.

In the almost two months since that post the world dynamic has radically changed. The influence of ISIS continues unabated despite pinprick air strikes by the United States, a “Coalition” of forces from England, Australia, and some Arab states hastily cobbled together by Obama because of tremendous pressure by Congress, Military Generals, and the public.

The war in the Ukraine continues with little to no coverage by the Mainstream Media (The Ministry of Propaganda), and Israel reached a peace agreement with Hamas. (More like a cease-fire than anything else.)

The world now is facing another “fire”, one that could make all the other fires in the world look like a Boy Scout’s weekend barbecue if not immediately controlled or extinguished.

That fire is the threat of a pandemic of the Ebola virus. A deadly virus we are told has no cure, no vaccine to prevent it, and has a fatality rate of 50 to 90 percent. The death toll in West Africa is over 3,500 as of now, with perhaps twice that number that are infected.

We hear a daily mantra about how it is spread only by physical contact with bodily fluids — blood, sweat, vomit, feces, urine, saliva or semen — of an infected person who is showing symptoms, and is not an airborne virus (which may or may not be true). Nevertheless more and more cases are showing up in various countries.

New cases are being reported on a daily basis, in the United States, and one of the latest a nurse in Spain, and it seems she didn’t have any direct contact with an infected person.

What are the origins of this deadly virus? Documentation exists alleging it was created at the Center for Disease Control in our own country and patented by the US Government. Here is a good summary of it’s origins.

Don’t accept what you are hearing from the media without a little research.

There are more links in the side bar for more info on the ramifications or consequences of this developing crises.

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