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The Mystery of Malaysian Airlines MH370

Over the last two or three decades, giant airliners have been lost to mechanical problems, bombs on board, downed by a missile, pilot error, and suicide vehicles. In all those instances there has been credible clues and information shortly after the incidents.

In the history of aviation, only one other instance of an airplane’s disappearance has created as much of mysteryas that of Malaysian Flight MH370. That was in 1937 when Amelia Erhart and her navigator Fred Noonan vanished in the South Pacific during an attempt to make a flight around the world. We are at the beginning of the 21st Century with practically every inch of the earth covered by very high resolution satellites that in real time can read a license plate from thousands of miles above the earth.Major airliners are equipped with redundant and sophisticated electronics that monitor the planes position, airspeed, altitude, heading, amount of fuel remaining, information on the performance of the engines. That’s just the major areas that are monitored.

Then there is the transponder that also transmits the aircraft’s identity along with the same information transmitted by other devices. It electronically transmits information by radio and gives a signal that is displayed on radar screens of air traffic controllers, along with but independent of the reflected signal of radar. This is necessary because raw radar signals are not always reliable and are affected by the size of the aircraft, the altitude of the aircraft, ground terrain, heavy weather return, and other atmospheric conditions.

These electronic systems of course are useless if they are turned off. Tracking an aircraft with just the reflected radar signal can be problematical, as we can see from the conflicting reports about the path of MH370.

In this day and age it is difficult to believe it “just disappeared”.

So what happened to Flight of 370? There are as many theories as days passed since it’s disappearance.

Here is a list of rhetorical questions that need to be answered.

  • Where is the Pilots family and why have they disappeared?
  • Why were there no cell phone calls from the passengers?
  • Why did it take 12 days for the Thailand authorities to acknowledge, oh yes, we tracked what could have been flight 370.
  • What Cargo was the plane, if any, carrying.
  • Why are Malaysian authorities not more forthcoming with information
  • Why is Israel so concerned if everyone believes that the plane is in the ocean somewhere.
  • Why were the photographs of the two flying with stolen passports photoshopped to show identical lower parts of themselves?

I believe that there is one giant cover up of this incident/accident. The propaganda machine is in high gear disseminating changing information and dis-information almost hourly.

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