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How Did We Get Where We Are?

In the last forty or so years we have passed from the agrarian age to an age were food is produced on mega farms utilizing chemicals and genetic modifications, and we have no idea the affect on future generations.

We have passed through the industrial age of huge factories manufacturing machines, tools, and gadgets that lifted us from the mire of hard physical labors allowing us more freedom to pursue individual interests outside of our labors.

We’ve entered the communications age where we’ve gone from the typewriter, to the Selectric, to Word Processors, to computers that can perform basic thought processes (artificial intelligence AI). We’ve gone from old time dial phones to smart phones that are minature computers and we communicate through Satellites. We’ve gone from the Encyclopedia Britannica or Americana, those huge volumes of information about everything, to the Internet where the sum total of all man’s knowledge is stored and can be accessed instantly with a keyboard. A society where once great educational schools, Colleges, and Universities are little more than indoctrination centers for a Socialist society.

We live in a dystopian society where left is right, good is bad, up is down, and nothing is what it seems to be and abortion is accepted as a method of contraception.  A society where there is no such thing as individual privacy, a society where we are spied upon and every part of our life is subject to some kind of government regulation.  These draconian societal and technological changes coming in such a short period of time has resulted in a society that is not only confused and irrational but in some cases just plain psychotic.

We have moved from an era where we believed in individual freedom and self reliance to an era where we are willing to give up our individual freedoms in the name of security, an era of allowing our government (yes, even a dictator) to control every part of our lives in the name of equality and fairness. We may have arrived at the society that the futurist Alvin Toffler wrote about and predicted in his 1970 book, Future Shock.

It may be that the great experiment in freedom is destined to be just another chapter in the history of homo sapiens.

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