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Can Obama Be Impeached

Many Internet News Sites and Blogs contain articles and comments about the conduct of obama and how he is by-passing the constitution, congress, and the will of the general populace, and is becoming an imperial president.  Some members of Congress and the general public are demanding he be impeached. Many are amazed and wonder why he hasn’t already been impeached.

Obama will never be impeached.  Period.

And why not, you may ask. Stay with me and I will explain.

The idea that nations and states must be ruled and under control of a powerful centralized government has been around in many forms almost forever.  Even though every nation-state that has implemented that form of government has failed, the statists (The practice or doctrine of giving a centralized government control over economic planning and policy) continue to push their freedom crushing ideologies.

From the very beginning, there were those that began their opposition to the new form of Constitutional government established by our founding fathers. The move to destroy this country as a Republic where individual freedom was it’s lifeblood really got underway with Woodrow Wilson and his progressive agendas.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, President from1933 until 1945, built on Wilson’s progressive/liberal philosophy and created an all encompassing liberal/socialist program (The New Deal) to bring the country out of an era called “The Great Depression.”

During World War II, and the following Viet Nam war (1964-1975) the progressive movement was content to focus their activities on infiltrating our educational systems. So began the dumbing down of our youth beginning with college professors indoctrinating our young people with their leftist and socialist ideologies, which then became the norm for most all educational systems Kindergarten through High School.

Throughout the post WWII and Vietnam wars, the American people still held onto a belief in the Constitution and the individual freedoms it guaranteed.  So when the revolutionaries of the sixties made a bold move to foment a revolution to further the leftist agendas, the rank and file, and our elected politicians still had enough collective sense to fight back.  The revolutionaries realized they were pushing too hard and too fast to “fundamentally change this country.”  So they went further underground, using the insidious and evil “Political Correctness” to intimidate any one that would question their activities. The disease of Political Correctness slowly infected our society and was used to insure that the majority of the public would  follow the party line regardless of how insane or ridiculous it was. It was easier to accept Political Correctness than face ridicule from the left. Besides there was a large segment of the people that just didn’t believe the real goal of the left.

Also during this time special interest organizations and groups such as the Greenpeace and Homosexual movements became more and more active constantly pushing forward their progressive, socialist/fascist agendas, all under the guise of fairness, equality, and human rights.

It was during this period of time the socialist/fascists individuals and entities, many funded by George Soros, believed that the time was ripe for them to make another try at bringing the USA down.  They found an individual that would be a perfect tool to bring about the fundamental changes they lusted for all these long years.

They found Barrack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soretoro.  Although he was a relative unknown he fit the bill.  He was black, well black enough, charismatic, well spoken and was well schooled in socialist/fascist theories of Saul Alinsky,  Cloward and Pivens. Bernadine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, and others, all revolutionaries. It was well known to them that he also had a hatred of Capitalism.

Through propaganda, lies, cover-ups and out and out fraud he was installed as president. From the time he was inaugurated he began a systematic attack on our current system of government, an all out assault on the Constitution and the basic freedoms it guaranteed.

Under his rule our great republic is now on the verge of economic and social collapse, the fundamental change he promised.

He has done his job well, and the forces that put him where he is today will not allow him to be impeached when their goal of destroying our nation is at hand. They are not to about to permit anything that will stop their juggernaut of reducing this country to a third world nation.

I believe that the only way he will cease to be the dictator he has managed to become will be he steps down voluntarily as a result of an election, (which is highly unlikely), he dies, or is removed by revolution.

But…he will never be impeached…..period

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An Assessment of Current Affairs

Daily we are presented with stories and articles revealing the steady erosion of everything that made our Great Republic the envy of the world. Here are just a few examples

What is occurring in this country, and to some extent the world, is beyond belief.  It is really collective insanity.  If one set out to write a book with a story line that reflected the truth and reality of today it would be laughed at as the musings of a psychotic madman. In fact it is  a scenario with no logic or reason and absolutely evil in it’s purpose. It is also indicative of what all societies and cultures experience just before their demise, and has little to do with politics. It is the beginning of a great spiritual war between good and evil.

We have a government that is no longer responsive to the will of the people. Our once great republic with it’s constitution, it’s balance of power, and responsive elected officials is rapidly becoming a socialist/fascist regime. The office of the presidency has become little more than a dictatorship.

The World Trade Center Bombing, The Oklahoma Bombing, The 9/11 attack, The Ft. Hood Massacre, The Fast and Furious debacle, The Benghazi affair, and The Marathon Bombing; just a few of the most egregious of a very long list of terrorist activities. They are also examples of how the government with the help of the Ministry of Propaganda, has distorted and misrepresented facts, hidden or classified relevant data, and just plain lied, to prevent the truth about the incidents being known. Anyone, no matter their credentials, that either exposes or tries to expose the government cover-ups are silenced through intimidation, character assassination, or marginalized by attacks on their personal intelligence or mental capacity, and/or derogatory name calling. If they aren’t silenced through those tactics, they may suffer a fatal accident, or contract a fatal disease, or die from suicide.

After terrorist attacks investigative committees are appointed to determine the truth.  These committees have endless meetings, many behind closed doors, to examine facts and question an endless list of witnesses and rarely reach any truthful conclusion.  These investigations will drag on and on until a new crisis or incident occurs.  By that time the public will have forgotten about it and focus on whatever new crisis exists or has been created.

The Marathon Bombing is no different.  The Becks’s, Limbaugh’s, Hannity’s, Savage’s, and others, can present facts and it will not change a thing. Any entity that is not part of the MSM could publish newspapers, blogs, YouTube videos, all with logical, documented proof of the TRUTH. and it will/would make no difference.  Truth is no longer a valid justification for anything.

The die is cast, and the great political and social changes that are necessary to establish a Social/Fascist state are incrementally being implemented,  and I fear there is no peaceful resolution to the battle between good and evil.

This great experiment is just about over.


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