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A World On Fire

The world is on fire with evil and it spreads unchecked on a daily basis.

Major Fire One – The Islam State (ISIS) is the most barbaric entity since the Holocaust.  Their enemy is any human that does not accept their brand of Islam and will kill those that will not convert.  Their techniques would make Genghis Kahn look like a Sunday School teacher. They slaughter with abandonment, savagely shooting, crucifying,  beheading, dismembering, and burying victims alive. If they are not stopped, the onslaught will continue as they continue to establish the long promised Caliphate. Unchecked they will occupy all of Iraq, and the states surrounding Iraq. Their end goal is to establish their Caliphate throughout the world. And they have already vowed they would occupy the Whitehouse and the United States. Senator Lindsay Graham has written an article published in Fox News Politics warning of the IslamState’s (ISIS) goal of bringing their violence to the United States.  Read the article here. Cristina Corbin has an article explaining the Islam State’s shocking barbarity prompts calls for the world to act.  Read Article here.

While the major world powers are predicting the world-wide consequences of an expanding ISIS, Obama continues to pass his time vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard virtually ignoring the world threat. Perhaps one of the reason is that his interests are aligned with ISIS, not those of the free world. As a matter of fact he is probably aiding them.

Major Fire Two – The threat of Vladimir Putin to occupy all of the Ukraine continues unabated.  His ultimate goal to reestablish the old Soviet Union. Click here for current news about the threat.

Major Fire Three – The war between Hamas in Gaza and Israel is on and off affair and is a tinderbox that could provide a spark that could provide a spark that could light a more widespread conflagration. More information here.

While these fires rage, our dear leader Obama vacations spending the taxpayers money, essentially ignoring these fires, hoping they will burn themselves out. They will not and the evil behind them will continue unabated for the forseeable future.


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