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Post Election and New Year Comments

As I, and others, had predicted, Barack Hussein Obama, returned to power as the president of the USA.  One cannot say he was legally returned to the office.  There is ample evidence that the election was rigged in his favor, which is no surprise to those that have followed current events and obtained their information from sources other than the Main Stream Media (The Ministry of Propaganda). As expected he continues his implementation of Socialist/Fascist policies through Executive Orders, and a total disregard for the Constitution of the United States and Congress. All his policies, proposals, and edicts are designed for only one end result and that is the total destruction of the American Republic.

In the next few weeks I will discuss and present facts that will show the real agenda of the current regime, headed by Obama, and perhaps some solutions to the problems that await the American Public. In the meantime you can find information about some of the future posts and discussions by visiting my Current News Link page.

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