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Gun Control – Disarming The People

Over the last few weeks the progressive/socialists/fascists have become hysterical in their demands for gun control and the disarming of the people of this country, making it an almost white hot topic, not only by the MSM, but by Bloggers and Internet News Sites.  They are escalating their demands with an almost religious fervor. None of their demands are based on logic, common sense, or statistics. Everything they propose is based on emotion with no rational thought.  The idea that removing guns from law abiding citizens will stop the killing or massacre of people, especially children, is laughable to say the least.


Just the other day there was a school bus crash killing children.  Following the bizarre logic of the gun control advocates, I thought that now we must outlaw and make school buses illegal as they are indiscriminately killing our children. So I did what I usually do, I did some research to see if I was the only one that had the same thoughts regarding school buses. In less than five minutes I found a writer that expressed my thoughts better than I could myself.  Click Here===to read the article

We must understand that the real motive behind the Gun Control Movement is not safety, is not to protect our children, is not to prevent theaters, shopping mall, or other public  massacres.  It is the first step in an attempt to completely disarm the civilian populace.  I don’t think the regime will try to directly outlaw firearms at this time as the political feedback would be just too great.  Also an out and out ban at this time would probably cause massive civil disobedience.  What is more likely, they will have a massive propaganda campaign extolling the virtues of gun registration, which the public including many law abiding gun owners will find more acceptable.  Once the registrations are completed, the government confiscation of firearms becomes a much easier process.  Of course the chance of civil disobedience will still be a possibility.

The government is supported in it’s desire to ban guns and firearms by a significant  percent of the general population.  A significant percentage that are products of progressive indoctrination by our public schools, whose world view is created by the propaganda of the Main Stream Media, and fed to them by the entertainment industry.  For the most part they are incapable of critical thinking, reaching logical conclusions, or engaging in reasonable and intelligent dialog.

Do not doubt for a second that the entire push for gun control and the nullification of the 2nd amendment is motivated by anything more than the governments desire to disarm the public rendering it impotent to mount any resistance to the establishment of a new form of government.

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