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More On The Death Of America

I wrote a quick and simple Obituary, certainly not an eulogy.  Those can and will be written by many over a period of time. Robert Ringer, one of my favorite authors and bloggers also wrote an obituary which is well worth a read. Go here to read it.

He is an optimist whereas I’m more of a pessimist, at least that’s what many of my friends say.  I am not particularly fond of the title of pessimist, and prefer to call my self a realist.

The joke of the recent election is merely another event in the  onward march of the Juggernaut of the New World Order, implemented through Agenda 21. Lady Liberty’s corpse had just began to cool when Chairman Obama took the next step in implementing total control over the new Socialist States of America, by signing on to the UN talks about  the gun grab treaty.  A treaty that Hillary Clinton totally endorses.

Just keep in mind this is just one small step in the implementation of Agenda 21 which I will cover in detail over the next few weeks.

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