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Can Obama Be Impeached

Many Internet News Sites and Blogs contain articles and comments about the conduct of obama and how he is by-passing the constitution, congress, and the will of the general populace, and is becoming an imperial president.  Some members of Congress and the general public are demanding he be impeached. Many are amazed and wonder why he hasn’t already been impeached.

Obama will never be impeached.  Period.

And why not, you may ask. Stay with me and I will explain.

The idea that nations and states must be ruled and under control of a powerful centralized government has been around in many forms almost forever.  Even though every nation-state that has implemented that form of government has failed, the statists (The practice or doctrine of giving a centralized government control over economic planning and policy) continue to push their freedom crushing ideologies.

From the very beginning, there were those that began their opposition to the new form of Constitutional government established by our founding fathers. The move to destroy this country as a Republic where individual freedom was it’s lifeblood really got underway with Woodrow Wilson and his progressive agendas.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, President from1933 until 1945, built on Wilson’s progressive/liberal philosophy and created an all encompassing liberal/socialist program (The New Deal) to bring the country out of an era called “The Great Depression.”

During World War II, and the following Viet Nam war (1964-1975) the progressive movement was content to focus their activities on infiltrating our educational systems. So began the dumbing down of our youth beginning with college professors indoctrinating our young people with their leftist and socialist ideologies, which then became the norm for most all educational systems Kindergarten through High School.

Throughout the post WWII and Vietnam wars, the American people still held onto a belief in the Constitution and the individual freedoms it guaranteed.  So when the revolutionaries of the sixties made a bold move to foment a revolution to further the leftist agendas, the rank and file, and our elected politicians still had enough collective sense to fight back.  The revolutionaries realized they were pushing too hard and too fast to “fundamentally change this country.”  So they went further underground, using the insidious and evil “Political Correctness” to intimidate any one that would question their activities. The disease of Political Correctness slowly infected our society and was used to insure that the majority of the public would  follow the party line regardless of how insane or ridiculous it was. It was easier to accept Political Correctness than face ridicule from the left. Besides there was a large segment of the people that just didn’t believe the real goal of the left.

Also during this time special interest organizations and groups such as the Greenpeace and Homosexual movements became more and more active constantly pushing forward their progressive, socialist/fascist agendas, all under the guise of fairness, equality, and human rights.

It was during this period of time the socialist/fascists individuals and entities, many funded by George Soros, believed that the time was ripe for them to make another try at bringing the USA down.  They found an individual that would be a perfect tool to bring about the fundamental changes they lusted for all these long years.

They found Barrack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soretoro.  Although he was a relative unknown he fit the bill.  He was black, well black enough, charismatic, well spoken and was well schooled in socialist/fascist theories of Saul Alinsky,  Cloward and Pivens. Bernadine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, and others, all revolutionaries. It was well known to them that he also had a hatred of Capitalism.

Through propaganda, lies, cover-ups and out and out fraud he was installed as president. From the time he was inaugurated he began a systematic attack on our current system of government, an all out assault on the Constitution and the basic freedoms it guaranteed.

Under his rule our great republic is now on the verge of economic and social collapse, the fundamental change he promised.

He has done his job well, and the forces that put him where he is today will not allow him to be impeached when their goal of destroying our nation is at hand. They are not to about to permit anything that will stop their juggernaut of reducing this country to a third world nation.

I believe that the only way he will cease to be the dictator he has managed to become will be he steps down voluntarily as a result of an election, (which is highly unlikely), he dies, or is removed by revolution.

But…he will never be impeached…..period

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The idea or concept of personal privacy that was once a cornerstone of a free society has completely disappeared from the great American experiment in freedom.

We have no privacy. The Government through various agencies (NSA, FBI, and Others) spies on every thing that we do. Our Emails, phone calls, text chats, bank account activity, where we visit on the internet, is just the beginning. Everything you pay for with a debit or credit card, or personal check for that matter, is easily accessible to the government data collectors.

All new cars and many that were built since the year 2000 have a computer module called a Black Box which is an EDR (Event Data Recorder) similar to those in airplanes. This Black Box records and tracks things like your speed, the position of the throttle (accelerator) braking steering angle, and if you’re wearing a seatbelt or not. Many are equipped with GPS, so it’s possible for Government Agencies (Big Brother) to track your every movement. Now if you carry a cell phone, pay for purchases with a credit or debit card, Big Brother has a complete picture of all your activities.

Let’s look at a day in the life of my fictional friend, Ralph Farnsworth. Ralph has just recently become politically active, and writes and says what he thinks, and has used language and words while writing emails and comments on the Internet that flag him as a possible threat or at least a person of interest to the regime.

Ralph grabs his first cup of coffee and sits down in front of his laptop, which has a built in Webcam, to check his email. Big Brother now knows what time he started his day and how he is dressed. After reading his email, he fires off an anti-government email tirade to one of his buddies, which is duly noted by Big Brother.

He settles down with the second cup of coffee and starts surfing his favorite News Sites and Blogs, leaving a history of where he visited for Big Brother to read. He also writes another anti-government comment on one of his favorite Blogs, which is again duly noted by Big Brother.

Today is Ralph’s day to do the family grocery shopping, and a visit to the hardware store. He grabs his cell phone, gets in the car and is off. The Black Box using it’s built in GPS keeps track of where Ralph goes, the route he takes, the speeds he drives, along with engine performance and other information. He stops and the local convenience market, fills up the tank, buys a pack of cigarettes and a candy bar all paid for with a debit card. The entire transaction is stored in one or more data bases that can be accessed by Big Brother.
Ralph’s next stop is the grocery store. Every item he purchases, it’s price, and the method of payment is stored in the store’s data base, and available to Big Brother if they want it.

Ralph has some time to spare so he makes a stop at the local gun store to look for a shotgun he’s wanted to buy. The route there and the time he spent there recorded by the Black Box, and his cell phone.

Then he’s off to the hardware store where he buys a pressure cooker for his wife, all entered into a data base.

He receives a call from his friend Henry asking him to stop by the Local Watering Hole for a drink, all recorded.

After the drink and conversation with Henry as he leaves he notices a Patrol Car sitting across the street, but thinks nothing of it. and goes home, again all the information about the trip home stored in a data base.

The next day he is paid a visit by law enforcement. As he was leaving the Watering Hole the day before the Officer in the Patrol car captured his license plate number, and after running it through all their data bases, they discovered from information on his Black Box that on the way home the day before he exceeded the speed limit for ten minutes, and he was issued a summons. They also threatened to take him into custody to question his need for a shotgun and a pressure cooker.

The point again there is NO PRIVACY. Everything we do, everywhere we go is recorded somewhere in a data base. ===>Look Here<=== for the mother of data base storage. Big Brother is here!

My fictional day of Ralph Farnsworth is not just a theory, it is a simple illustration of how we are spied on and monitored daily using modern technology which is being enhanced almost daily with more intrusive and sophisticated methods.


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