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EPA Plans To Regulate Wood Burning Stoves

Attempts to Reduce America to a Third-World Stature continues. It’s not enough that Obama through the EPA and it’s demand for the reduction of emissions from coal fired power plants is forcing hundreds of these power generating stations to shut down, guaranteeing sky rocketing energy costs just as he promised in a public speech. Now the EPA is forming emission proposals that will effectively be a ban of most wood fired stoves, boilers, and fireplaces. This is just another example of the current Big Brother regime’s attempt to establish control over another part of our lives.

It seems these measures are not only to establish control, but to inflict as much misery as possible on the populace. Closing of the coal powered plants adds thousands to the ranks of the unemployed. It affects not only the direct employees of the plants, but then all the ancillary jobs, maintenance workers, coal mine employees, transportation companies, suppliers of the equipment used in the mining of the coal, and it goes on.

So now if you don’t have electricity (generated by coal plants) or access to natural gas, or can’t afford either and want to use a renewable resource, wood, it is no, we won’t allow that either.

It is true that if these controls and banning wood burning are put in place, it will affect a relatively small segment of the country or population, largely those living in rural areas or suburbs of larger cities. But there are areas of the country where if electricity and natural gas is no longer available, burning wood is the only alternative. People living in those areas would be those that could not afford the cost of the equipment that would meet the proposed EPA standards.

This is all done under the guise of reducing pollution, which it undeniably would to a certain extent, but the real purpose is to establish control over another facet of your life, and to emphasize that Big Brother knows best and we must accept their control.

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