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Update – How the United States is Being Destroyed

In a series of Posts and Articles, Douglas J. Hagmann using interviews with a DHS insider code named “Redbud” provides a scenario which they believe indicates how the United States is systematically being destroyed.  Here is an update from Hagmann with information that seems to show the information obtained from the interviews is not only accurate, but indicates current events tend to validate their predictions.

The previous interviews can be read here.

Interview I,  Interview II,  Interview III

You will note that much of the information contained in the Interviews has not been covered by the mainstream media (The Ministry of Propaganda).

I will post more information on this subject in the near future.  Stay Tuned.



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How The USA is Being Destroyed (Part Three)

Doug Hagmann’s interview with the DHS insider “Redbud” continues with a summary and expansion of Parts I and Part II, and  new insights from the Insider into the plans and goals of the current regime. Go here for the Part III interview.

Redbud (The Insider) states the primary goal of the current regime is to collapse and dismantle the economy, creating hyperinflation making the dollar essentially worthless.

This collapse will result in people hungry, desperate, out in the streets begging for food, trying to survive anyway they can. There may be riots, racial and cultural, at the slightest provocation.

At some point the DHS will attempt to institute absolute control over all domestic activities. They already have stockpiled the guns, tanks, and ammunition to accomplish their goals. As Redbud states in the interview, “ People will be outgunned, surveillance will be everywhere, and it will be much more difficult to hide and fight back. Not impossible, but more difficult.”

Go here for the Part III interview.




























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How The USA is Being Destroyed (Part One)

Almost daily there is another, rule, regulation, or law, that is implemented mostly by fiat. All are designed to either remove another basic freedom, or establish government control over another segment of our society and culture.  Most defy any sane logic and many people are completely bewildered and cannot understand how and why these assaults… Read More

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