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An Assessment of Current Affairs. (Updated)

Our once great Republic is undergoing historic and unimaginable changes in government and culture. This is my current “Assessment of Current Affairs.”

The juggernaut of Progressivism continues its unchallenged and relentless march forward. We now have an abomination of a law officially entitled  (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly known as Obamacare. A law that was passed before anyone other than the authors knew what it contained. A law that will absolutely destroy America’s health services, a law that will bankrupt Many small to mid size business, a law that will cause millions of Americans to not have any health care, a law that is full of hidden taxes that will affect everyone, a law that is causing rampant unemployment, a law that will increase the cost of health care for millions of people, a law that if fully implemented will reduce our once great country to a Banana Republic. It is a disastrous law that has it’s blood sucking tentacles into every part of our culture.

We have an illegal president that ignores the Constitution and is governing by Executive Orders, Presidential Directives, bypassing congress in many cases, and is a de-facto dictator. A president that appears to be a pathological liar, and at one time publicly stated that if push came to shove he would side with his Muslim brothers.

We have a gutless legislative branch that is divided and although the electorate is clamoring for them to reign in illegal executive power, does nothing and ignores the will of the people.

We have a judicial branch that exceeds the powers given them by the Constitution, and are activist and legislate from the bench.

We have an IRS uses it’s almost unlimited powers to investigate, harass and punish those that do not agree with the current regime.

We now know that the National Security Agency (NSA) is using state of the art electronic, satellites, cell phones, and computer programs to monitor and collect information on the activities of every business and citizen and have been doing so for a very long time.

Four Americans including an Ambassador were killed (slaughtered) in a Terrorist attack in Benghazi on September 2012, and nothing has been done to identify or punish the killers, and survivors have been gagged.

The National Debt is over Seventeen Trillion Dollars ($17,000,000,000,000) and is growing by three million dollars a minute, but the fools in Washington continue to raise the legal debt ceiling.

That is my partial assessment of current affairs.

Stay tuned for more news, Commentary, and Opinion.

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The Petraeus Resignation

The Blogosphere and the MSM are now all over the Petraeus resignation, which is merely another facet of the Benghazi fiasco. Don’t expect to learn any truth about anything at this point.  It is all CYA (a military and government acronym for “Cover Your A**”).  We can be sure of one thing, all agencies involved are in full cover-up mode.  It’s doubtful if the truth about any of it will be known.

Those involved are trying their best to deny that the outing of Petraeus has anything to do with the upcoming Congressional investigation into the Benghazi debacle.  It is just a coincidence that his alleged affair was known long before the election, but not announced until AFTER the election? Here is an article about what the FBI knew and when.

The main witnesses or players, Petraeus, Clinton, Ham, and others in this game are trying to distance themselves from the Investigation.

Of course they all can be subpoenaed by Congress and forced to testify.  The question is will they be subpoenaed, will they lie or take the fifth.  My opinion is that they will never testify, as Obama will give an executive directive, or executive order, or claim executive privilege, or find some way to prevent them from testifying.

Now that Obama has established himself as a de-facto dictator you can rest assured nothing will be done or allowed that will make him look bad or be responsible for anything that goes wrong.

See my Current News Links for more stories on the subject.





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