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Gun Control – Disarming the People (Continued)

The Gun Control Lobby continues it’s all out assault on the Second Amendment. Assisted by the Ministry of Propaganda (MSM), they continue to spread the administrations position (party line) that we must have gun control to protect our children and citizens.  They would have us believe that without gun control the slaughters and massacres will continue unchecked.

They conveniently ignore statistics that show anywhere states, cities, or other entities have strict gun control laws and ordinances, the rates of crime caused by the use of guns or firearms are higher than anywhere else. They dismiss any and all stories or news items where people’s lives and property are actually saved by an armed private citizen.

They distort or outright lie about the capabilities of the types of guns used in the mass shootings, primarily the difference between semi-automatic and automatic firing guns.  A semi-automatic firearm such as an AR-15, no matter how many rounds of ammunition are in the clip only fires one at a time.  The trigger is pulled and one round or bullet is fired.  The trigger must be pulled again to fire another bullet, therefore it will shoot only fast as the trigger can be pulled.  An firearm set for automatic fire will fire continuously as long as the trigger is held down, firing over 400 bullets a minute or about 6 to 8 bullets a second.  In automatic fire with a 30 round clip, the clip will be empty in about 5 seconds requiring the shooter to reload. Aiming and controlling the gun in automatic also becomes problematic because as it is being fired the recoil causes the barrel to rise.  Anyone not thoroughly trained in firing a weapon in automatic mode would have great difficulty in accomplishing any degree of accuracy.

Most all handguns other than revolvers are by nature semi-automatic, although  there are those that can be fired in an automatic mode but with the same problems of rapid depletion of ammunition and inaccuracy.

Once again, the ultimate goal of the gun control lobby is to completely disarm the American people leaving them defenseless against not only the criminal elements of society, but from a tyrannical government hell bent on establishing a New World Order.

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