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US Marine Held in Mexico

“Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, a US marine and Afghanistan war veteran, has been held in a Mexican prison for more than a month. He said he accidentally crossed the border on March 31 with three personal firearms. Mexican authorities jailed him on weapons charges. The case has drawn attention from lawmakers in the US, as Tahmooressi’s fate hangs in the balance.” (More on the story here.)

After reading all the news releases and stories regarding this incident, any one with a rational mind would come to the conclusion that Sgt.Tahmooressi’s entrance into Mexico was, as he has stated, an accident.  Naturally there is no such possibility in the eyes of the Mexican authorities, as the Mexican legal system considers an accused guilty, and innocence must be proven.

Public outrage over the incident is increasing, as is demands from members of congress for the State Department or the president to do whatever is necessary to obtain Sgt Tahmooressi’s release, and as of this writing, nothing has been done or has anything been heard from the commander in chief.

Why not?  Here are a few reasons.  Sgt Tahmooressi is an American.  He is white.  He is a member of the Military.  All hated by the presidential pretender in the Whitehouse.

The current regime has released hundreds of Illegal alien felons, guilty of murder, rape, child molestation, robbery, honor killings, and theft into the general population. We allow those that successfully violate our borders to get jobs, food, housing, and medical care, courtesy the American taxpayer.

But we can do nothing to help a US Marine who fought for his country, and as a result suffers from PTSD, and other health issues related to his service in Afghanistan.  Issues that may have led him to make a mistake in missing a turn and accidentally ending at the Mexican border, which landed him in a Mexican jail/prison.

One phone call from the Secretary of State or the president could end this travesty within 48 hours….Don’t hold your breath.


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