The Ebola Nightmare Continues

The Ebola virus continues to spread at a logarithmic pace, and Barack Hussein Obama and his political lackeys, aided by the MSM, continue to downplay the seriousness of what could become a world-wide pandemic resulting in the death of millions of people. The U.S. response so far reveals a health system that was totally unprepared… Read More

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The Ebola Crises

In a previous post I wrote about three major fires the world was facing: 1) The Islam state (ISIS), 2) Putin’s attempt to occupy all of Ukraine, and 3) The war between Israel and Hamas. In the almost two months since that post the world dynamic has radically changed. The influence of ISIS continues unabated… Read More

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Barack Obama’s Strategy

Barack Obama’s speech to the nation was as I expected, nothing of real substance. Mostly warmed over statements that he has made in the past. It was a speech that he reluctantly gave, and was made only because of the pressure from public opinion and some of his closest advisers. His body language and his… Read More

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