More Revelations in the Petraeus Resignation

It  seems now that the Benghazi debacle has triggered one of the largest cover-ups in our history.  It seems that every hour reveals some new, startling, or salacious tidbit of information involving Governmental leadership at the highest levels including the FBI, CIA, The State Department, and of course the Executive. Accusations, Emails, and papers from months ago are just now surfacing  that show that Military leadership at the highest levels, with knowledge of the governments most sensitive plans and operations, were allegedly involved in sexual indiscretions over an extended period time.  The accusations are serious enough that we are going to have Congressional investigations.  

These revelations and accusations serve one singular purpose and that is to discredit and demonize those involved, and protect Chairman Obama from any involvement or knowledge of what happened at Benghazi. A gigantic side benefit is to keep the public attention on this fiasco, allowing the regime to continue with their destruction of the United States. This is a favorite trick of the magician. (Watch my right hand, but pay no attention to the other hand, just keep you eyes on the right hand)

We may never know the truth of Benghazi because the truth would so disturb that percentage of the American that are still capable of rational thought that they would finally be moved to demand investigations and criminal charges brought against those that were involved. Of course that doesn’t mean that anything would be done.  Congress won’t investigate or find anything that might be detrimental to Chairman Obama.

Glenn Beck has an interesting take on the situation.



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