Historic Mid Term Election

The recent mid term election was a resounding rejection of Barack Hussein Obama and the policies of the current regime. But that is completely lost on Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and others that intend to continue with their obstructionist ideas and actions.

The results of the election has forced Barack Hussein Obama into revealing his true character and his real goals. His words and actions show him to be the narcissistic psychopath he really is. Instead of accepting defeat, he triple downs and vows to forge ahead with his nefarious plans showing a complete disregard of the will of the American People, or a duly elected Congress. He disingenuously tells of his desire to work with Republicans, and at the same time saying he will veto anything that he doesn’t like. He vows to continue implementing unconstitutional laws using Executive Orders and presidential edicts.

There is only one way for congress to affect any change after the first of the year. That is to pass legislation, send it to Obama to veto, and then override his veto. If Boehner and McConnell remain the leaders of the House and Senate, any veto override is problematical.

Both Boehner and McConnell, assisted by the Ministry of Propaganda, have assumed they will be the leaders of Congress. They remain there only if they are elected to those positions after the first of the year. There are stirrings of rebellion against them, Louie Gohmert is testing the waters in the House of Representatives, and Ted Cruz in the Senate.

McConnell and Boehner both have proven that they are spineless corrupt career politicians, that although they talk a good game they quickly fold under pressure and do nothing that will affect real change. If Boehner holds on to his position, and McConnell is elected to the leadership position in the Senate, we can expect business as usual. New leadership in both houses is sorely needed to begin to establish some sanity in our government.

In any event the next few months may be some of the most volatile times this country has faced. It is difficult to predict what Obama’s reactions will be if there is significant push-back from the congress. I’m sure he will act like a cornered animal. He will do anything necessary to accomplish his agendas, going as far to create a false flag crisis and then impose martial law, negating congress. The harder he is pressed the more he will fight back, and that could increase the possibility of rebellion, civil war, race riots, individually or collectively.

If anyone thinks this election was a panacea for the ills of our once great nation, they are sadly mistaken.

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