Being Led To Slaughter

Watching the parade of current events pass by my vantage point high in the bleachers  I try to find some logic, some reason, some justification for the events that are occurring throughout the world. Following current events, news articles, blogs, and history, and looking at those elements of the parade yet to pass by the present, seems to validate my contention that each day the world becomes more psychotic. A world that resembles  George Orwell’s Oceania as envisioned in his book “1984”, and Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass (A sequel to Alice in Wonderland)

The insanity and barbarism continues virtually unchecked, from Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine to the advance of ISIS, an army of Islamic extremists whose stated goal is to establish a world wide Caliphate where their interpretation of the Koran the Religion of Islam, and Sharia law is supreme.  Anyone that does not accept their ideology is to be destroyed or enslaved.

ISIS is a growing army of savage, cruel, fiendish, inhuman individuals, that rape, crucify, behead, burn alive and perform mass killings of those that do not accept Mohammed as their divine prophet or accept their insane interpretation of the Koran and sharia law.

They grow daily by numbers that may exceed those that are killed by so called “Coalition ” forces. As their murderous tactics and influence increase, there are Middle East countries that are almost begging for any kind of help especially leadership from the United States, which seems to turn a deaf ear on their pleas.

Instead the United States Barrack Hussein Obama and his regime refuses to utter the words Islam Extremist in the same breath, refuses to call the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS, Christian, Referring to them as Egyptian citizens.

A regime that compares ISIS and their atrocities to the Christian Crusades over 900 years ago; a regime that allows ISIS sleeper cells to exist in the US.

News reporters, some congressman, writers, pundits, news blogs, refer to Obama as being stupid, ignorant, out of touch, inept, etc., and continue to be bewildered by the actions and inactions of Obama. They all avoid the truth of who and what he really is. The facts are that he is a Muslim, a member of the Muslim brotherhood who espouses the Islamic ideology and whose allegiance is to Islam.

Barrack Hussein Obama is an enemy.  His actions are planned and purposeful.  His rhetoric and deeds indicate that he will do nothing to really stop ISIS, because that is where his true allegiance lies. For whatever reason(s) congress, and the media ignore that fact and will not call him out for who and what he is. An illegal, muslim, Islamist, whose goal is the destruction of the United States.

Until this once great country comes to grips with the facts, our decline into a third world country with Islamist extremists running everything will continue.

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