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The Ebola Nightmare Continues

The Ebola virus continues to spread at a logarithmic pace, and Barack Hussein Obama and his political lackeys, aided by the MSM, continue to downplay the seriousness of what could become a world-wide pandemic resulting in the death of millions of people. The U.S. response so far reveals a health system that was totally unprepared… Read More

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Barack Obama’s Strategy

Barack Obama’s speech to the nation was as I expected, nothing of real substance. Mostly warmed over statements that he has made in the past. It was a speech that he reluctantly gave, and was made only because of the pressure from public opinion and some of his closest advisers. His body language and his… Read More

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ISIS/ISIL and Barack Obama

For years I’ve written about the future of the world and that all of what we currently see and experience is not just about politics. The world is about to experience a colossal spiritual battle between good and evil.  The dark angel of evil has reached out wrapping it’s arms around the world, each day drawing it… Read More

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  1. Unsupported faith is a virus..we have a global contamination..ask anyone what Labor day is for and how they intend to celebrate it…they know Halloween however…we
    are populated with sheeple…you will always have the government you deserve…in Arizona we have the best money can buy….Wm.

  2. In the days of Jefferson the tree of Liberty wash refreshed with the blood of Patriots..these patriots were rich and in office…look around one in office is a veteran nor a patriot and in our last 5 wars only farm boys and the sons of the poor went to war…never the sons of Senators etc. I saw a letter written to Wille Brant by a young German which he said..” come to my door with two rifles and say follow me Franz..or stay away “….I ask many and NO ONE knows who funds the Taliban or what they are..or Isis , or Hamas..where were they before Z? Who recruits , trains , and supplies them ? Politicians want you to send YOUR son to die for some idiot cause they INVENTED for their personal gains. Robert MacNamara stated ( just before he died )..that there was no Bay of Tolkin Incident and that he and Johnson invented the whole thing…doesnt that make him guilty of 58,000 Americans murders ?…

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