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An Assessment of Current Affairs

Daily we are presented with stories and articles revealing the steady erosion of everything that made our Great Republic the envy of the world. Here are just a few examples

What is occurring in this country, and to some extent the world, is beyond belief.  It is really collective insanity.  If one set out to write a book with a story line that reflected the truth and reality of today it would be laughed at as the musings of a psychotic madman. In fact it is  a scenario with no logic or reason and absolutely evil in it’s purpose. It is also indicative of what all societies and cultures experience just before their demise, and has little to do with politics. It is the beginning of a great spiritual war between good and evil.

We have a government that is no longer responsive to the will of the people. Our once great republic with it’s constitution, it’s balance of power, and responsive elected officials is rapidly becoming a socialist/fascist regime. The office of the presidency has become little more than a dictatorship.

The World Trade Center Bombing, The Oklahoma Bombing, The 9/11 attack, The Ft. Hood Massacre, The Fast and Furious debacle, The Benghazi affair, and The Marathon Bombing; just a few of the most egregious of a very long list of terrorist activities. They are also examples of how the government with the help of the Ministry of Propaganda, has distorted and misrepresented facts, hidden or classified relevant data, and just plain lied, to prevent the truth about the incidents being known. Anyone, no matter their credentials, that either exposes or tries to expose the government cover-ups are silenced through intimidation, character assassination, or marginalized by attacks on their personal intelligence or mental capacity, and/or derogatory name calling. If they aren’t silenced through those tactics, they may suffer a fatal accident, or contract a fatal disease, or die from suicide.

After terrorist attacks investigative committees are appointed to determine the truth.  These committees have endless meetings, many behind closed doors, to examine facts and question an endless list of witnesses and rarely reach any truthful conclusion.  These investigations will drag on and on until a new crisis or incident occurs.  By that time the public will have forgotten about it and focus on whatever new crisis exists or has been created.

The Marathon Bombing is no different.  The Becks’s, Limbaugh’s, Hannity’s, Savage’s, and others, can present facts and it will not change a thing. Any entity that is not part of the MSM could publish newspapers, blogs, YouTube videos, all with logical, documented proof of the TRUTH. and it will/would make no difference.  Truth is no longer a valid justification for anything.

The die is cast, and the great political and social changes that are necessary to establish a Social/Fascist state are incrementally being implemented,  and I fear there is no peaceful resolution to the battle between good and evil.

This great experiment is just about over.


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Update – How the United States is Being Destroyed

In a series of Posts and Articles, Douglas J. Hagmann using interviews with a DHS insider code named “Redbud” provides a scenario which they believe indicates how the United States is systematically being destroyed.  Here is an update from Hagmann with information that seems to show the information obtained from the interviews is not only accurate, but indicates current events tend to validate their predictions.

The previous interviews can be read here.

Interview I,  Interview II,  Interview III

You will note that much of the information contained in the Interviews has not been covered by the mainstream media (The Ministry of Propaganda).

I will post more information on this subject in the near future.  Stay Tuned.



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