Barack Obama’s Strategy

Barack Obama’s speech to the nation was as I expected, nothing of real substance. Mostly warmed over statements that he has made in the past. It was a speech that he reluctantly gave, and was made only because of the pressure from public opinion and some of his closest advisers. His body language and his entire demeanor indicated that he didn’t want to be where he was and saying the things he said.

Judith Parker Harris, in a Huffington Post Blog writes,an equally strong impediment, that of allowing his body language to defeat his message. His head tilts up and to the left or right when he finishes a thought and that communicates a loftiness that sets him apart from us. This is accentuated by the President’s stiff stance, holding himself slightly back from rather than in to his audience. And, perhaps most disturbing of all, our leader finishes most every sentence on a down beat as if he has run out of energy and hope. Finally, there is a flatness to his words that leaves them improperly fueled to travel the distance from his mouth to our hearts.”

He managed to say the things that will pacify (at least temporarily) the growing clamor for something to be done to stop the advance of ISIS, and at the same time tells ISIS and the world what he will NOT do. He repeats over and over his mantra of “No Boots on the Ground”, and the military that is being sent there will have no Combat Role.

History has proven that no war can be won with out troops and boots on the ground. Also no war has ever been definitively WON, without killing people. That’s why real war is so abhorrent. Nevertheless it is how wars are won. The only solution to the ISIS, Taliban, Hamas, AL-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and any other group with the fundamental Islam philosophy is to kill them, all of them. We know that with the current regime that will not happen. If it did,the solution would only be good for one generation, because they will arise again. The battle between Islam and Christianity will be with us until the end times, or the return of Jesus Christ.

Don’t expect anything definitive to change in Obama’s strategy to stop ISIS. As I have previously written, I believe Barack Obama has no intention of doing anything to stop ISIS. He is a Muslim and his true sympathies and allegiances are with the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and other Islamic extremists. He, and his handlers wants them to succeed as it will facilitate the destabilization of the Middle East, and the destruction of the United States as we know it and the establishment of their world wide caliphate. Regardless of what he said in his speech, he only will step up the current bombing, send a few more troops to Iraq creating the illusion that we are doing something. He will continue to rant about forming “coalitions” whose responses at this time are at the best luke warm. He will make appearances on TV and proclaim that what is being done is succeeding, and go off to play another eighteen holes of golf.



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