The United States at one time was a beacon of freedom to the world. Our great Constitutional/Republic form government is being changed unchecked into an Orwellian Big Brother government by a Fascist Dictator. We live in a fast paced world where each day brings unprecedented changes in our society and culture, some major, some minor, and some that are life altering.

At one time Newspapers, Radio and TV, were free to report the truth and served to keep a check on government malfeasance and wrong doing. The Main Stream Media now is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the government.

The Internet has developed into a vehicle where it is possible to discover the facts and truth through News sites, Articles, and Blogs (like this one). Unfortunately most people are too busy with the daily business of life and living to search for the truth.

The purpose of this Blog is two fold:

  1. To provide links to Internet News sites, Blogs, and Articles that provide information and content that may not be covered misrepresented, or available from the Main Stream Media.

  1. To present information, opinion and analysis of current events. Be forewarned the opinions expressed on this Blog are not unbiased. They will be presented from a Conservative/Libertarian viewpoint.